2020+ Vision Dream Ballot

Where could we share our salt and light for the greatest impact to focus on building disciples and building the Kingdom?

 You have four (4) votes to use for each question on this ballot to focus on new strategies for building disciples and building God’s Kingdom. Use your votes on four different statements on each side or concentrate more than one vote on a specific statement.

Building Disciples
You have four (4) votes to use on new ministries to reach and connect with new people:

1 2 3 4  
Initiate out-of-the-box ministries to reach and connect with new people: Reaching populations such as singles, young adults, youth, and families to meet people where they are with our values of acceptance and hospitality. (ie: fresh expressions of biblical or topical studies off campus; fellowship opportunities off campus; educational or entertainment series to reach early retirees)
Innovate new strategies to reach children and youth to strengthen their faith journey: Exploring methods and best practices in engaging children and youth in our community and congregation through dynamic spiritual formation. Creating new opportunities to grow children and youth in their faith and leadership skills to help strengthen their family.
Create spiritual formation partnerships for distance/service learning for St. Lukers: Providing St. Lukers with classes and opportunities for a variety of studies and spiritual practices for adults by partnering with other educational institutions (ex. Candler School of Theology) and service learning opportunities (ex. Northern Ireland) through St. Luke’s LEAD (Leadership, Exploration and Development) ministry.
Create ongoing arts, education, or cultural enrichment series for early retirees and senior adults: Expanding our current senior ministries to offer customized opportunities that engage active 60+ adults in the life of the church. Utilizing our current people resources in this area, we will build connection and community through their wisdom, experience, and gifts.

Building God's Kingdom
You have four (4) votes to use on new serving strategies for extending our missions work in the community and around the world:

1 2 3 4  
Expand current training models for Community Transformation to strengthen leaders: Increasing ongoing training of community and national leaders in our work in community transformation through St. Luke’s LEAD (Leadership, Exploration and Development) Ministry. This revenue generating opportunity would expand our reach for teaching best practices in Community Transformation as well as our current training sessions including COPE (Cost of Poverty Experience), Circles, and Bridges Out of Poverty.
Empower and create sustainability in the EWG Community for future generations: Continuing St. Luke’s Community Transformation work to increase capacity for resident-led and sustainable initiatives as well as expanding to strategic neighborhoods in the immediate vicinity of the Community Transformation boundaries.
Reduce family and household hunger in local and global communities: Developing current mission partnerships to focus our impact on the ght against hunger in strategic communities (within a 10-15 mile radius north and west of St. Luke’s) and developing our international mission partnerships to provide sustainable solutions for world hunger.
Decrease family homelessness: Strengthening partnerships in Central Florida to collaboratively design preventative and sustainable ministries that address the root causes of homelessness and stabilize families through holistic ministries (i.e. increasing incomes, decreasing debt, etc.)
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